The Buddha is back!

The Buddha is back

There is a legend that Buddha predicted that in 2500 he would return as the Maitreya.
Storytelling is a craft, tantric stories are cleverly constructed, full of double meanings. Without any context you can’t do anything with it.
Osho gave a hint about this prediction, of course after he indicated that those 2500 years would have passed approximately now (who knows, the exact period in which Buddha would have lived is not certain).
Maitreya means “friend,” said Osho. A saint never returns in Osho’s culture. They will not reincarnate any more. Osho indicates that it is not meant literally. The word Maitreya means friendship. According to Osho, Buddha speaks about a time when we have grown so much that we no longer need a leader, but a friend. And that time is “now”.

The concept of 2500 years is also a nice clue. That was an astonishingly long time, especially when you realize that at the time Buddha became popular (in the early Middle Ages) people – in the West at least – thought the earth had existed for 4,000 years. Our sense of time has changed under the influence of science. And that’s why I dare say that 2,500 years actually meant “never” at that time.
Now you should know that tantra travels between two worlds of consciousness, namely that of non-duality and that of duality. The Buddhist tantra shows a karma wheel, containing all levels of consciousness, all “worlds” even the gods and devils belong to the karma wheel. The Buddha is completely outside of that….
He lives in no world and therefore does not exist here.

There is another legend that followers who say they have seen the Buddha are advised by their teachers to look further. They are tricked by their creative brain.
Why do these teachers say “kill the Buddha”? Because in the world in which the Buddha exists, there is no time and no place. There is only consciousness. There is no me and you. There is no us, there are no stories, thoughts and images, there is only consciousness, whatever that is… we cannot know that.

We only know our world, our “wheel of karma”… and in that world everything consists of duality, everything is measurable in time, place. It is weighable, assessable, consists of opposites, consists of: yes or no.

Tantra connects those two worlds, those levels of consciousness: of duality and non-duality. By indicating that the world of absolute consciousness is without contradictions in everything. This is because it has mirrored itself, reflected in matter, energy or vibration, but ultimately only “is”. The bridge is “Maya”, illusion. It is the connector and the splitter of the two world empires: that of non-duality and duality. If you look at this, you can conclude that there is only duality, and if that is the only thing that exists, then ultimately there is only 1 thing that exists, namely non-dual consciousness, little paradoxical, right?

But because of that context, the “prediction” of the return of the Boeddha in 2500 years has a completely different meaning: whether the Buddha is there or not, that only has to do with your own experience and your own consciousness. There is nothing else. You could also see this “prediction” in fact is a test, a trigger, a challenge, an invitation…

Because: if your mind is in charge, then the legend about the return of the Buddha behaves like a prediction. Ultimately it shows exactly how the mind works and what it does… namely holding up a sausage on a string that leaves you panting and hungry runs behind, without realizing that you are being fooled.
All your ideas, dreams, thoughts, all your wishes, no matter how noble… all your intentions, no matter how powerful… sooner or later you wonder if/why they have not been realized and your mind says: see? You suck. You’re hanging out in the pub again, you’re a loser, an asshole. You can’t. And you squat down or pray to Buddha and ask when he will liberate you from the idiot that you are.
But he won’t do that until 2500 years from now. This “prediction” looks like the well-known sign in beach bars around the world that says: Free beer tomorrow…

Maybe you realize that it is not meant literally. And you wonder what he is actually doing there, outside the circle of duality… We have a Thangka hanging in our temple space and I have often looked at it. Why is he there, how do you get to him and what does that symbolize?
Would you like to know what is beyond the end of our universe? And on which planets do creatures live? Would you like to meet them? Do you ever dream about it? And at the same time you realize the frustration that you will never know. Because we can’t travel faster than light?

This is exactly the same.

Yet there are people on earth with experiences of aliens or with traveling on other planets. In visions, in their real reality or whatever (I have experienced that myself).
And: you never know if it is “true”. Even if you know it in your heart, another cannot realize it until he has had the same kind of experience. Only when that is the case do you understand each other, right?
Could it perhaps be the same with Buddha?

If that impossible experience of yours has a name: twin soul happiness, meeting an alien, being a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene or being in conversation with God himself. Does it really matter what the experience is called, what label is attached to it? Or would it perhaps become more accessible to you to focus on the energy you feel in your heart at that experience?
What do you think?

And in what state could you possibly feel that experience? Anyone who has ever had an “absurd” experience knows that you can’t force it. Just as you can’t force what your next spontaneous creative inspiration will be…
You can practice recharging energy through breathing and Yoga, practice turning negative thoughts into positive ones, you can train yourself to think more broadly and perceive differently than before… but then the mind still does the talking. . He measures it, compares it: I used to be like this, now I am like that… oh yes? This looks like that, etc. etc.
Only when the comparison spontaneously stops can something unique emerge. The same goes for unique experiences. Buddha is a unique experience, and unique experiences do not happen twice, but the power of each unique experience moves us. A new experience is always formed from consciousness. Every moment… in the now.
Being in the now is such a complicated concept… because it is just an experience, a glimpse of “the” reality. We find it when we don’t look for it, when we don’t compare it to anything, when we stop thinking about it.

If you focus on the power that you experience again and again, you are in the now, where the Buddha is. It is outside of time and place. Apart from comparing and punishing yourself because once again you didn’t pay attention…
The Buddha is no-mind. When we are aware in no-mind, we experience Buddha. That is why all gurus and teachers have such a hard time, they can never take you beyond the mind. Therefore, they are not necessary when you are in your Buddha consciousness. They are there to catch you if you fall out again… to keep reminding you of the state of consciousness in which you met Buddha.
But shoot the Buddha in this world, because it is not of this world. No one in this world of place and time understands what you’re talking about, that’s why it’s always 2500 years away. Outside of time, outside of mind, outside of any-thing..

That is the paradox of living in this world. Because saints also gain power and prestige and sooner or later make mistakes, causing them to fall from god to devil in our wheel of karma. And vice-versa…
If you want to experience something of the Buddha in the wheel itself, in our world of contradictions, invite him as a friend. Not as a guru or as a leader. Don’t do that to your fellow man. We all live in a paradox of experiencing and not being able to share, and those who embrace Buddha or any saint probably miss him the most in this world. Offer your friendship, be equal to each other. Then you have the best chance of meeting Buddha. Every day, just on the street or in the pub.