3 x Tantra Workshop for women:

Wild Women Worship



Explore the feminine side of Tantra (only for women)

Mini course:  3 Workshops | Thursday night | 19:30 – 23:00 |Wilde Ziel – Jivanmukta

Wild Women worship

3 Thursday nights: 3,10,17 Ocotober
19:00 door open, 19:30 – 23:00 course

In this triptych we explore the feminine side of Tantra, the tantric goddesses and what their influence can be on your life.
Which goddess do you recognize in yourself?
What brings you to your own wild nature?

Three wonderful evenings with:
Tantric Puja (rituals)
Music & Sensual Dance
Meditation and orgasmic energy exercises
Tantric Energetic Bodywork

course in English/Dutch


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There will be sensual energy, with consciousness. No sexual behaviour, no focus on genitals, no exchange of bodyfluids. Nudity is allowed, but not obliged. Good to know: We generate this kind of sensuous energy merely by breath, and it is for yourself, it is your power! This energy is placed in a total different, classic tantric perspective. It takes time to integrate that, to become conscious of that miracle! We use the energy to heal emotional blockages first and focus on it in a meditative way.


The price will be from 25 (early bird) till 50 euros per night, which includes:

*3 evenings with dance, tantric exercises, rituals, meditations, yoga sessions and massages
*All the food, drinks, ingredients for puja  etc.


We honour ancient traditions to co-create events like this as a family-tribe. All participants will be asked to help with building up and cleaning afterwards, it helps to keep the prices low and affordable for everyone!

And if you feel this tribal call and can provide some of your qualities, but can not express your contribution in enough money at the moment, please notice there is also a ticket for 1 Volunteers/spaceholder.
Please contact me with a personal message. Volunteers pay 50 euros as a contribution to the minicourse.