Tantra Retreat near Amsterdam
Celebrating the Divine
May 10-12 2024

Tantric Retreat in nature, near Amsterdam

Celebrating the Divine

Retreat with:  workshops | Temple playground | tantric massage | dance | tantric meditation | tantric rituals| hot tub | 2- overnights on a beautiful farm

We are organizing a Tantra Retreat for couples and singles, all genders.
It takes place on a beautiful farm temple near Amsterdam in nature.
This weekend retreat with: 5 workshops, 4 meditations, several tantric rituals, massages & dances, all meals & drinks, cacao ceremony, hot tub and 2 overnight stays included, will cost 250 euros only! See more details, be quick, limited spots available.



Program (the program is only an indication, we focus on the group energy field):

Friday evening  May 10:

19:00: Welcome with tea etc
19:30 Introduction and intention ritual
20:00: Manifesting a safe “temple” of love with consent play
21:00: Divine Tantric Dance: a connecting, deepening dance based upon tantric rituals, also using blindfolds.

Saturday  May 11:
8:00: Active Tantric Morning meditation
9:00: Making and having breakfast together
10:00: Session I: boosting divine kundalini energy by Tantric breathing exercises, bodywork and massage

12:30: Making and having lunch together

14:00: Session II: boosting divine kundalini energy by Tantric breathing exercises, bodywork and massage 

16:30: Tantric Tranformative Meditation
17:00: Making and having dinner together (vegan indian -not too hot- Curry)

19:30: Cacao ceremony & intention (deepening) fire ritual
20:00: Shiva Shakti puja: tantric offering ritual in movement
21:00: Divine Tantric Play: Temple night with shibari or massage corner, cuddle-puddle corner or ritual of the senses. Outside we will made especially for this retreat a hot tub for you (provided 20+ participants).

We take care of spaceholding, and let the evening develop freely in conscious sensuality#.

Sunday May 12:
*8:30: Waking up (active) meditation or tantric yoga
9:30: Making and having breakfast together
10:30 Sharing and caring
11:30 Tantric meditation or some other tantric exercises for integration
13:00 Saying goodbye, cleaning up together and going home


There will be sensual energy, with consciousness. No sexual behaviour, no focus on genitals, no exchange of bodyfluids. Nudity is allowed, but not obliged. Good to know: We generate this kind of sensuous energy merely by breath, and it is for yourself, it is your power! This energy is placed in a total different, classic tantric perspective. It takes time to integrate that, to become conscious of that miracle! We use the energy to heal emotional blockages first and focus on it in a meditative way.


The price will be: 250 per weekend pp. which includes:

*A two-night stay,(which costs 100 e pp.) in the group room or with your own bus.
(There is 1 separate room for 1 couple, which costs 90 e pp per night).
*All the food, drinks and cacao, which is about 50 e pp.
*5 dayparts with dance, tantric exercises, rituals, meditations, yoga sessions and massages in the whole weekend for in total only 100 e p.p.

It is not just a weekend, it is a tribal experience!


We honour ancient traditions to co-create weekends like this as a family-tribe. All participants will be asked to help with cooking, preparing, cleaning the rooms or whatsoever. Working together to prepare e.g. rituals or food, in our experience, contributes to a sphere of openess & trust, togetherness and it will accelerate the whole process. And last but not least: it helps to keep the prices low and affordable for everyone!

And if you feel this tribal call and can provide some of your qualities, but can not express your contribution in enough money at the moment, please notice there is also a ticket for 2, max 3 experienced Volunteers/spaceholders: 1 man, 1 – 2 women, provided sufficient tantra experience.
Please contact me with a personal message. Volunteers pay 100 euros as a contribution to food, drinks and sleeping.

If you buy your ticket, you will receive an email with the exact location (it is NOT in the Temple of Happiness!)