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Tijd voor jezelf, extra dagen voor Energy management

Nathasja, welbekend van de meditatie avonden op donderdag heeft een vierluik op woensdag ochtenden.

De data in feb, maart en april zijn helemaal geslaagd! En mei komt er binnenkort aan!

Raising your vibrations – Recharging

This is the fourth theme of a series of 4 workshops related to energy management. Brand new get-togethers I am really excited about!

I will be sharing the knowledge I gathered the past 20 years. Tools that totally changed my life. They help me live a balanced life on a daily basis.

The theme for this fourth evening is:

• What is Recharging?
• Why and when is it important to do this?
• Why can it be vital if you are a (highly) sensitive person?
• You learn different, simple and amazing tools to do this yourself

You will experience several tools and pick those that feel good for you. And you can integrate those in your daily life.

This workshop is designed for those who want to work on:

• Gaining more energy
• Setting boundaries
• Having a clear head
• Experiencing sensitivity as a power
• Experiencing a better life balance
• Feeling safe in your body
• Connecting with your body
• Experiencing you have all you need inside
• Being more centered
• A firm base

Wanna join? You can get a ticket for 47 euro including VAT. Just send me a message.

What to bring:
– comfy clothes
– note book

I will bring tea and snacks! Workshop will be held in English or Dutch, depending on the participants. You can speak either of those.

Am looking forward to seeing you there and guiding you with my energy,

Other themes in this series are:
o Grounding February 28
“Wat was het heerlijk, mn hele systeem werkt nog na. Dank voor jouw heldere aanwezigheid en begeleiding.”
o Clearing & Letting go March 27
o Boundaries & Protection April 17


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Nathasja Gootjes, van Helderheid Coaching