Tantric Course:

Living the Tantric Divine:

March 8- April 19

 Tantra-course on Friday night: Living the Tantric Divine

(Course in Dutch/English)

8 lessons for singles and couples.

Would you like to dance through life more like a joyful, playful god or goddess?

>Do you long to do things completely differently?
>Do you want to explore your sexuality and experience it more connected, loving and safe?
>Are you looking for a way to overcome your disempowering self-criticism?
>Are you longing for more life energy and resilience?
>Do you want less dramatic hassle in your life?

In Living the Tantric Divine, you’ll learn:

*What Tantra Is Really About
*To feel more juicy – present and joyful in life, in relationships and in your sex life
*How you can experience more peace and space in your head
*To say goodbye to habits and thoughts that bring you down
*To experience your body as a holy temple
*To be more playful and open in life
*To get more energy in your daily life

If you are open and curious and would like to get rid of some fears and judgments about yourself and life… then this course is for you.

In 7 lessons we explore themes like: compassion, love, sexuality, communication, trust, non-duality, strenght and surrender…
We place them in a Tantric Perspective and teach you tantric tools which help you to live from your heart.

Tantric tools we teach:

* Tantric Krya Yoga, tantric breath meditation for strength and liberation
* Tantric energy exercises to learn to feel and expand chakras and energy channels, so that you will feel life energy more powerful
* Tantra massage to open and harmonize the physical, emotional and spiritual body
* Meditative sexuality, exercises and massages that help you to heal your sexuality, and to be orgasmic and ecstatic
* The Non-Dual Principle and Meditations of the Recognition Sutras: Remembering Who You Are at Your Core
* Dearmouring, trauma release to heal the body
* Puja: beautiful rituals to connect you with your Source, including Yoni and Lingam Puja.

The program is tailored to the group, the energy of the moment and what feels good. We do exercises and meditations together in groups, in pairs or threes or alone. During the exercises, the men or women sometimes also work together. The entire evening is supervised by two teachers and you really learn more about Tantra!

Class schedule:

These are 7wonderful Friday evenings (8:00 PM – 11:15 PM), in which you can recharge yourself at:

March 8, 15, 22, 29

April 5, 12, 19

You can join the first lesson to try this course.
After those lesson, we ask you to register for the entire course. This way we can achieve a level of intimacy, security and trust with each other.

This course falls under our code: red. (There is no sex, no penetration, but occasionally nudity and there may be a healing Yoni and Lingam ritual).

If you have never worked with us and you don’t know what to expect, please read this page first, before you registrate!

You can register here.