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Raising Your Vibrations: series of workshops

Upcoming workshop: 29 augustus 2019*

This wonderful series of workshops Raising your Vibrations helps you to learn how to manage your energy. Great for everyone and specifically for (highly) sensitive people and empaths.

I am really excited about this! I will be sharing the knowledge I gathered the past 20 years. Tools that totally changed my life. They help me live a balanced life on a daily basis.

The theme of 29th August is Clearing and Letting go. The training is a combination of information, learning by doing, sharing and reflection.

Questions that will be answered are:

• What does this mean?
• How does this serve you
• How is this showing up in your life?
• Why is it vital when you are a (highly) sensitive person or empath?

You will experience several tools and pick those that feel good for you. And you can integrate those in your daily life.

These workshop is designed for those who want to work on:

• Raising your vibrations
• Managing your energy
• Gaining more energy
• Having a clear head
• Gaining more energy
• Experiencing sensitivity as a power
• Experiencing a better life balance
• Feeling safe in your body
• Connecting with your body
• Connecting with your intuition
• Learning more about your own chakra’s
• Personal leadership
• Experiencing you have all you need inside
• Being more centered
• Better vitality
• More strength
• A firm base
• Creating your own energy guide
• Higher consciousness


Wanna join? You can get a ticket for 49 euro including VAT. Just send me a message via 06-23386699.

What to bring:
– comfy clothes
– note book

I will bring tea and snacks! Workshop will be held in English or Dutch, depending on the participants. You can speak either of those.

“This was wonderful, my whole system is still processing and healing. Thank you for your clear presence and guidance.”

I Am looking forward to seeing you there and guiding you with my energy,

*this is a serie of workshops, more data will follow…