Radical Intimacy | Dara & Simon

Radical Intimacy,  2 Day intensive

March 28-29 – Amsterdam

Tijden: 10:00 – 18:30, beide dagen

Locatie: Centrum voor Happiness, Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam: Entrance = backside of the building

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Many people ask Dara and Simon to hold mini events as their 7-day retreats are sometimes too big of a commitment and not so regular. Radical Intimacy birthed from these requests; A 2-day process to explore radical, soul-baring intimacy together.

In this 2-day intensive, we will get to meet ourselves and others authentically, play full out, learn to be with all our emotions and feel the liberating effect of speaking our deepest truth.


🔶 Radical Intimacy is changing the conditioned reaction to our deepest F.E.A.R. which is “Fuck Everything And Run” to a new paradigm of: “Feel Everything And Rise”.

🔶To be radically intimate means to stay open when everything inside of us screams to shut the door.

🔶 Radical Intimacy is the fine art (and sometimes the messy dance) of showing up. In a world of lies and deceit it takes courage to bare the depth of one’s own being. It takes knowing ourselves, which is a lifelong journey.


In a very brave space you will have time to learn and practice:

1. Speaking your truth transparently to create more love and intimacy
2. Breaking the crust of the analytical mind through cathartic movement and breath work
3. Discussing sexuality and taboo topics
4. Exploring consent and different ways of touch
5. Recalibrating our nervous system by leaning into our fears and learning to be with them
6. Simple ways to drop into the present moment together.


🔷 D&S events have NO SET PRICE TAG.
For Radical Intimacy Intensive we ask for a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT which covers minimal costs and signifies your commitment to the process and makes sure that the available spaces are filled with those willing to fully engage. The spirit of The Gift. (Read more on website)

🔷 Read more on the website and register your place: https://daraandsimon.com/radical-intimacy/

🔷 The event is Non-residential. Please be sure to book your own accommodation.

Dara and Simon travel the globe sharing the art of transparency, conscious sex, self love and REALationships. Their love is an example of a new model relationship (real-elevation-ship), where we no longer come together for mere comfort, but rather use it as a tool for individual and collective healing. Living their life true to the motto: Every relationship is an ongoing transformational workshop.

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