Nidra Yoga & Pranayama

Nidra yogales met Pranayama:  nieuwe data volgen nog of kijk op de website van Dhyan.

Do you feel exhausted?

In this class, you can reboot your system again.
Do you recognise when you come home, after work you are still with head in work-related issues? Can you feel how tiring this makes you?

Sixty minutes of Nidra yoga stands for 4 hours of sleep.
Just imagine how itis when you come back home from this class you feel so much more calmed and relaxation.

You also will use pranayama exercise (breath exercises) to go beyond the patterns of compulsory thinking, making space for creativity and present.

==> 15 euros per class for 75 minutes
==> Bring a friend with you and you get both 2 euro’s discount (13 euro’s instead of 15 euros)
==> you pay with the chipta link or cash

This class is guided by Dhyan Meinoud for more info on him see this link.