Course: Divine Tantric Women

Tantric Empowerment for women, starting March 07 2024

It’s about creating a field of loving support for yourself and for the whole sisterhood..

This course is about exploring yourself and healing your sacred body. We connect deep within by meditation, rituals, body massage, healing and lightwork. You will discover yourself again and see through devastating patterns that ruin your health, your career, your selfconfidence and your relationships.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

In our life we learn to give and not to receive…

Why clinging on to unhealthy situations while you need yourself the most in the moment?

Although we receive lots of care and love from others, in our body/minds there can be a hungry wolf, a gap that cries for attention or closes off completely, when someone with good intentions is approaching you.
How to overcome theze body reflexes? How to live in the here and now, without these continuing sorrows and cares for others?

You know everyone needs time and space to stand for themselves. Why clinging to relationsships, jobs, people around you, while you need yourself the most at this moment?

With Jivanmukta:

Living totally free

Jivanmukta is your guide on this adventure. And she gathered more than 30 years of spiritual growth to share with you, to give you the best of the best. This journey resulted in e new name, this year: Jivanmukta, which means: to LIVE totally free.

Free of conditions, free to choose, free to connect in love and also to step away from unhealthy situations, free in the heart, so there is only a giving and receiving experience without making it a personal “ego-centered  thing”.

This name and these intentions are nothing personal. It’s the dream of women together to create a field of wise energy and love in a new tribe.

A life changing journey in 2024:

Creating space for loving this life and the body you are born in

In 8 lessons on Thursday night we explore our relation with:

*Life in general
*Our health and our body
*Our sexuality and sensuality
*Our feelings and emotions, without excluding some
*Our inner guidance and ability to listen to our heart and bodymind
*Our inner power, our personal energy and space
*Our connections and relationships with others

In this awesome course, we strengthen ourselves, feed ourselves with new energy, clean ourselves from old patterns and limiting beliefs about our bodies and about who we are.
So there will come much more space. Space to grow and expand, to realise your forgotten dreams.
And for true giving and receiving with an empty heart, fully aware of the Divine presence in yourselves, you wise witches!

What can your expect?

Expect to loose control and going into levels of unexpected crazy (body)wisdom because of…

* Beautiful deep meditations, incantations and  visualisations
* Lots of sacred dance and movements which your body will enjoy
* Vibrating silence and sacred space to land in
* Personal safety and space for sharing and letting go
* Divine touch of women who really care about you and learn you to heal eachother in uplifting neo-tantric rituals
* Lots of sensuality and tenderness in yourself
* Nudity and exploring your sacred, intimate parts in purification of eon old judgements about women
* Pure (body) communication, higher awareness, the regaining of trust and respect, deeper understanding of our emotions, crazyness and resonance with the divine Source, Mother or Guru within.
* Lots of humour and playfullness, like dressing up, moving in theatral play to explore the dragons and demons inside, while we encounter our deepest fears and release blocked life force energy
* Confronting ourselves with our inner armors of fight-flight and freeze responses to encourage ourselves to let go dramatic energy absorping survival behaviour

That’s a lot! Maybe we would better say: what can you nòt expect?

You will not find here: Any standard 7 steps to heaven methods, instant hollywood enlightment fairytales, smothering mothers or pleasing teachers who cover up your mess inside.


What you earn is priceless..

Because not everyone lives in the same kind of  abundance, we offer three prices:

* 50 euros per evening workshop for normal or steady income
* 40 euros for lower dan average income. e.g. if you are ZZP and does not have work all the time.
* 30 euros for low income or if you do not or cannot have a job

You can ask me about the training and about the price if you have serious problems with affording it, while you really feel the invitation for a big healing change in your life. There is one volunteer spot for someone like you.

The first lesson you can step in, to try this course. After that, we will ask you to register for the whole course, if you did not at the beginning already. For we can reach a level of intimacy, safety and trust with eachother.


This is dating 8 crazy, delightful nights with the most beautiful creature on earth: YOU!

Thursday evenings:

March: 7,14,21,28

April: 4,11,18,25

How can I registrate for this course?

Yes , yes, yes… 

It’s good to careful listen to the Yes and the No in yourself and to feel how you respond to this energy, just let it in…

If you need more information, feel free to ask! You can send an email with you name and special questions to: centrumvoorhappiness@gmail.com