Course: Divine Tantric Women


Tantric Empowerment for women, starting May 9 2024


This course is depening the meditations, rituals, body massage, healing and lightwork.

Tantric Divine Women level 2

Divine Tantric Women (Level 2) is a Tantra course of 8 lessons, which starts: 2024. (course in Dutch/English)

This course is about exploring yourself deeper and healing your divine feminine body. We connect within through meditation, rituals, body massage, healing and light work.

Course, 8 lessons only for women, level 2 (please ask/contact wildeziel.contact@gmail.com if you hesitate because you did not follow level 1).

Thursday evenings:

May 9, 16, 23, 30

June 6,13, 20, 27

With Jivanmukta:

Living totally free

Jivanmukta is your guide on this adventure. And she gathered more than 30 years of spiritual growth to share with you, to give you the best of the best. This journey resulted in e new name, this year: Jivanmukta, which means: to LIVE totally free.

Free of conditions, free to choose, free to connect in love and also to step away from unhealthy situations, free in the heart, so there is only a giving and receiving experience without making it a personal “ego-centered  thing”.

This name and these intentions are nothing personal. It’s the dream of women together to create a field of wise energy and love in a new tribe.

This course is providing the possibility to deepen our skills in Tantra (level2)

In 8 lessons on Thursday night we explore:

* Tantra
*Our sexuality and sensuality
*Our feelings and emotions, thoughts, desires
*our inner Dakinis , goddesses and Dragons
*Our inner guidance and ability to listen to our heart and bodymind
*Our inner power, our personal energy and space
*Our connections and relationships with others

more information and tickets:



Because not everyone lives in the same kind of  abundance, we offer three prices:

* 50 euros per evening workshop for normal or steady income
* 40 euros for lower dan average income. e.g. if you are ZZP and does not have work all the time.
* 30 euros for low income or if you do not or cannot have a job

You can ask me about the training and about the price if you have serious problems with affording it, while you really feel the invitation for a big healing change in your life. There is one volunteer spot for someone like you.

The first lesson you can step in, to try this course. After that, we will ask you to register for the whole course, if you did not at the beginning already. For we can reach a level of intimacy, safety and trust with eachother.


This is dating (another) 8 crazy, delightful nights with the most beautiful creature on earth: YOU!

Thursday evenings:

May: 9, 16,23,30

June: 6,13,20,27

How can I registrate for this course?


Did you have already followed Level 1 or do you have Tantric experience because of another Tantric Training, you can register. If need more information, feel free to ask! Also if you feel the urge to join, although you are not sure if you have enogh experience!

You can send an email with you name and special questions to: centrumvoorhappiness@gmail.com