Divine Tantric Play
May 5

Divine Tantric Play

(Tantric Embodiement workshop + Conscious Playground)

May 5: Tantric Liberation Play!

On Liberation Day we are going to free each other from our blockages, until we are wild, innocent and playful again, like our nature!
Bring your oldest clothes, they get lost!

welcome and tea
express intentions, make agreements with each other
warm up!
Divine Tantric Playground including: divine romping and body to body massage

Divine tantric Play, the divine play, or Leela, brings you completely into the now. In a symbolic journey we go through all layers of consciousness – from physical to energetic – until we make contact with the source of love …
Put on your oldest clothes, because we are going to frolic  (no sexual acts, but make contact with your life source, your sexual energy).


Program Divine Tantric Play (in general):

(program can be in english if there are two or more non-native Dutch speaking participants) 

19:00 Door open, tea, welcome

19:30 Opening circle : intention ritual, game rules, questions (arrive on time, door closes)

20:00 Meditation and warm up

20:30 Tantric Embodiment workshop

21:15 Break

21:30 Divine Tantric Playground

23:00 Sharing and closing circle

23:30 Say goodbye and clean up together

In Divine Tantric Play we bring attunement, soft touch and meditation together into a powerful, transformative ritual. Due to our lifestyle, we often move too little and we incur too much radiation and negative influence from our polluted, overcrowded environment. Due to time pressure, we experience little space to fully relax, so that we can hardly experience the depth of meditation. Divine Tantric Play originated from that insight.

They are wonderful evenings of consent contact, healing, massage, breath, sound and movement. With the aim of being sensitive and fully present and restoring your natural flow of life.

What to expect:

We start with consent about a few rules, after which we warm up by dancing together and doing exercises for more sensitivity, awareness and attunement. Then there is an embodiment workshop.

After the workshop there is a break and we set up the Divine playground. In four corners of the room you will play and practice together, such as: tantric fire breathing, sensory ritual, pressure point massage, puja, healing, etc. There are 4 rounds of  20-30 minutes approximately. There is space holding all night long.

Registration and more information about this embodiment workshop can be done via the website of Wilde Ziel, see button.

What is it and what is not?

These Tantra workshops have code pink: the clothes can be taken off, but underwear may remain on. No sexual acts. The evenings are loving and connecting, they are not about sex, chasing, dating, excluding, etc.

Welcome again, namasté Team Wilde Ziel.