Divine Tantric Play
October 7

Divine Tantric Play

(Tantric Embodiement in a Conscious Playground)

Divine Tantric Play : Temple playground | massage | shibari | dans

Divine Tantric Play is a tantric Playground for grown ups.
With Tantric Breathing, meditation, ritual of the senses, dance, massage and Tantric Shibari.We start this evening with a warming up & its guided in a safe setting.


Schedule autumn 2023 (19:30 – 23:30):

Saturday October 7: tickets 

Saturday November 4: tickets 

Sunday December 3

Programma Divine Tantric Play:

19:00 Door open,tea, welcome

19:30 Opening circle: ritual with intention, guidelines, Q&A (please be in time, door will be closed)

20:00 Meditation and warming up

20:30 Divine Tantric Play temple

23:00 Sharing en closing circle

23:30 Cleaning up together

What can you expect:

Divine Tantric Play is a beautiful evening where we connect with a soft, loving touch, tantric healing & massage, breathing practice, sound and movement. We follow our own natural, sensual flow.

We start with group commitment and setting our intentions. After this we do some warming up exercises, for example: we dance or we do some breathing and we express our consent…. so we will find a way to arrive in our own divine, beautiful bodies, center ourselves in our expectations and vulnerabilities and find some space to attune our hearts. …And than we change the room into a Divine Tantric Playground …with matrasses, mats, where we can exchange massage, shibari, and connective tantric play with each other.

Please bring your own rope (shibari), or feathers, silk, oil, a nice cloth, etc.


What is it and what not?

These Tantric workshops have code pink: We connect in conscious sensuality, with playfullness and we feel free to express our beautiful selves in how we feel in the moment. We practice no sexual acts, we do not touch genitals and we stay away from the energy of chasing, excluding, etc. The evenings are usually naked, but that is not obliged offcourse.

There will be space holding all evening (but it is not a workshop). Your carry yourself in a playful and free atmosphere.