Divine Tantric Play

Divine Tantric Play

 Shibari edition & hot tub*


MARCH 9 , SPECIAL SHIBARI EDITION with: Tantric Shibari workshop | Massage | Hot tub!!*
Experience Divine energy and expand your consciousness on a playful way! Free flow event, with warming up workshop, safe setting.
This time on the program: a special Shibari workshop and HOT TUB*

Singles and couples, welcome!
The workshop is in Dutch/English.

Program Divine Tantric Play SHIBARI EDITION

19:30 Door open
20:00 Opening circle (arrive on time, door closes)
20:15 Warming up with Tantric Shibari workshop
21:15 Divine Tantric Play with:
ritual of the senses, massage, shibari exchange, and optional HOT TUB*
23:30 Sharing and closing circle
23:45 Saying goodbye and cleaning up together

*NB! As a special extra attraction, we will set up the hot tub for you if 20+ tickets have been sold on Friday evening at 7:00 PM.

Are you for the first time?
Please read this page on our other website: https://www.wildeziel.nl/tantra

It can be temporary sold out for men, try again later, or contact us for the waiting list.

About the theme of this month: Tantric Shibari

The workshop starts with a short meditation or breathing exercise to relax and reconnect with yourself. Then we are introduced to the shibari ropes. We practice – in consent, attuned – feeling, leading & following, dancing and bringing each other into surrender, using the beautiful and playful knot. These are forms where you don’t have to stumble over the technique, they are easy to follow. But there is also room for more advanced students to experiment. Mark teaches you the basics so that you can get started safely and continue playing together later in the evening.

What can you expect:

This event is every 2nd Saturday of the month!

Divine Tantric Play are beautiful evenings of loving skin contact, healing, massage, breath, sound and movement. With the aim of feeling and following your natural life flow.
We start with agreements with each other, after which we do a short workshop to purely attune to each other from the heart.
There is then room to exchange massage, shibari and tantric play forms with each other. Bring your own rope (shibari), feathers, oil, a nice cloth, etc.

Each month has a theme with a workshop, to start with. After this workshop we will jointly set up the Divine Tantric playground. In corners of the room we will play with, for example: tantric fire breathing, sense ritual, pressure point massage, heavenly puja, healing, body-to-body massage, shibari, etc. Throughout the evening there will be space holding (it is not a lesson), it is nice and playful and free.

What is it and what is is not?

These Tantra workshops have code pink: The evenings are loving, sensual, playful and connecting. The clothing is on during the beginning of the workshop. Afterwards, you may also have a naked massage (for example) in consultation with your group, but this is not mandatory and underwear may also be left on. The most important thing for us is that you understand that it is not an evening where we want goal-oriented (sexual) actions, so we agree that we will stay away from the energy of: chasing, focusing on dating, or excluding each other. If something happens that makes you feel unsafe, you can always contact Janine, Mark or one of the spaceholders. The best thing is to experience on an evening like this that you surrender yourself to the loving expanded consciousness, which gives you energy and heals old pain. And even more wonderful is to be able to experience that as a whole as a group!