Chitta !

Concious Heart Party with cacao ceremony, great concert and two DJ Dance sets….


Chitta is every 4th Saturday of the month..

Line up:

May 13:  Jivanmukta’s birthday bucketlist party

May 27: Concert & cacaco ceremony by Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist: Judea | DJ Hazelgurner | Jivanmukta


Special Program for Chitta May 27: My Spanish Heart Night!

18:00 Prepare food (potluck, bring your own food)

18:30 Potluck Dinner

19:30 Sacred Cacao & Live concert by multi instrumentalist Judea .

20:30 Cosmic Heart Dance Journey by great DJ Hazelgurner from Barcelona! Read more about Hazelgurner, who organised big festivals and plays all over the world…set 1

22:00 Lounge open with lots of singing bowls, to play and experience together

23:00 Cosmic Heart Dance Journey with DJ Jivanmukta (Janine) celebrating live ( and her 60 years anniversary…), set 2

01:00 Closing and cleaning up together.

Come in your sunny outfit and express your spanish passion

This event is including:

* Fresh ginger tea, mint water & healthy (mainly organic) treats

* A magnificent powerful sound system

* A perfect dance floor for dancing and groundwork

* A warm, cozy and beautiful temple space, with great energy

* An extra lounge to chill, to play singing bowls/music together

* Dance hammock !

* Free parking at the door (after 19:00)



You can purchase ALL-IN# tickets :

* Members of the Temple of Happiness : €20.00 (more information about our urban temple tribe)

* Non-members : €25.00

* Volunteers: €5  (please read first about being a volunteer at our events)

#ALL-IN: nice drinks, delicious snacks, Live concert etc. included.

What can you expect?

Chitta means being conscious from the heart…

The Temple of Happiness is a urban tribe and an unique, intimate and sacred space in Amsterdam. We will welcome you wholeheartedly. Chitta is conscious clubbing. It’s a bare foot dance party with a great Mantra circle or live music concert and a cacao ceremony by a great artist. Followed by bare foot dance with a super cool DJ.

Come to Chitta if you:
*want to go crazy with a great ecstatic dance set from a super cool DJ..
*don’t feel like paying ten euros for every drink and snack.. you get them here for free!
*you want to park your car for free without any headaches in Amsterdam
*you have passion heart for conscious dance and connecting in consent and you want to meet someone likewise (many relationships originated at the great parties here)
*you want to fully recharge yourself with a nice intention, sacred cacao and e.g. singing mantra together, in a mantra circle that is well accompanied..
*want to taste the best cocoa that makes you completely happy (secret recipe..)
*are longin for ceremonies that are spontaneous, light and humorous.
*you don’t want to stand alone on the side, but want real contact (although you can of course just dance on your own here)..
*you want to hang upside down in a dance hammock (or be rocked)
*you want to play with singing bowls on a sheepskin, while someone makes you a poem
*you want to massage sore feet or want to loosen someone’s neck
*you want to leave all your sorrows behind by jumping into an ice bath!
*you want to get warm again by the bonfire, while melting marshmellows
*in short: if you want something completely different.. namely being yourself!

 Additional Information:

 Address of the Location:

Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam New-West.

Please use the  backdoor (by walking to the left, around the building)

From train station Lelylaan it’s a 10 min. walk and from the tram only 5 minutes.

Do you want to volunteer at our events?

Become a volunteer of our tribe by sending a mail to nataschafrid@protonmail.com or call 06 40343733 and buy your volunteer ticket after confirmation.

Are you already a member of our Urban Tribe?

(or renew your membership for the year 2023)

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