About Mark & Janine
Founders of Wilde Ziel/Temple of Happiness

Really living my full potential and passing on Tantra is what moves me through life


I came into contact with Tantra at the age of 19 through Veeresh and Osho.

I walked into an Osho community to dance and was spontaneously initiated by a woman. Then I stuttered and was very shy. Tantra has brought me a lot.

In the following years I practiced dance, energetic bodywork and Tantra. Really living my full potential and passing on Tantra is my greatest motivation.

I have had a tantric relationship with Janine since 2012. We have been working together since 2013 and have given countless workshops, courses and sessions.

After I completed a professional training at the Rasayana Academy (tantric bodyworker), I gradually started to delve more deeply into original tantra and followed trainings with Nirav Beej (Tantra temple) and Tantra Kriya Yoga with Anand Rudra, together with Janine who is now my wife.

Together we give Tantra courses, workshops, Ecstatic Dance and Tantra retreats in Amsterdam.

The core of our teachings breathes the shared desire of these times to return to our wild nature, purity, innocence, without secondary thoughts or “agenda”.



I grew up in a family where I was cuddled a lot and where I also had to deal with strong emotions. Around the age of 35, after a career as a lawyer for the government, I felt a deep longing for more nature and a sincere connection with my “wild”, pure self.

I received special dreams that guided me on that path, quit my job and trained to become a trainer/coach in, among other things, Empowerment and a Storyteller. After my divorce in 2005, I came to the path of Tantra.

With my current partner Mark, I have delved into the roots of Tantra and we have been teaching group lessons and private sessions in our Tantra school for about 10 years now. We apply Tantra to themes from everyday life.

Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance