Our DJ’s & musicians!

Ecstatic Dance

DJ Audyo  : We know Audyo already, because he played his Ecstatic Dance sets here several times before! We love to ground ourselves in his style:  Ethno World House. He is an Ecstatic Dance DJ in oa. Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Utrecht, Spain.

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DJ Inphiknight : We strongly recommend this beautiful DJ, who takes you on a original journey, this is Ecstatic Dance beyond… His style: Curator of exceptional beats, grooves and melodies ranging from ambient towards avant-garde techno incorporating ethnic, shamanic and cybernetic styles. He plays Ecstatic Dance e.g. at Odessa Amsterdam, and is DJ in Utrecht .

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Dj Jivanmukta: (Janine)

About the DJ Jivanmukta: She played piano in a Big Band for 15 years. Also, she wrote and performed songs and mantras. She found herself lucky to discover Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms Dance already in the year 2000 and played frequently as a DJ and ceremony leader for 9 years in a 5 Rhythms support dance group in Leiden. Dance became her passion, and she integrated conscious dance in her practice as an Empowerment/tantric teacher and Storyteller years ago.
In 2012 she discovered Ecstatic Dance and became a passionate dancer in the ED community in Amsterdam. Together with her partner Mark she started the Centrum voor Happiness (later: Temple of Happiness) in 2017 and became the driving force behind the scenes.
She started to play ED and Chitta sets for herself to dance as a spiritual practice, while more and more people joined her. Together they became the Urban tribe of the Temple of Happiness, a kundalini-transformative abundant and playful dance tribe based upon non-dual awareness from the heart. Nowadays she is a resident DJ, artist and teacher in this Temple. She integrates Storytelling, teaching, music, massage and dance in a joyful practice that support people on their journey to free themselves from limiting beliefs.

Read more about her

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Esta Polyesta:

Recently someone asked if I know a DJ who plays Esta’s style…. no! She is unique, I wrote him back. Her style is a mix of world music, ethno house, global beat, psytrance, and different vibes to feel good. There is no other DJ and artist like her, with her female power, she puts your both feet on the ground, let your roots grow into the earth, while you are as light as the wind and your heart sparkles…
I can’t explain in words, you have to experience her Ecstatic Dance journeys in your own body… She creates ED tribes and dances all over the world and plays at a lot of festivals on this planet. Her favourite spot is Goa, India..

To give you a glimp of her amazing empowering energy, watch this interview in which she explains Ecstatic Dance. She reconnects us with the ancient meaning of the word Ecstatic that will invite us to discover a different perspective in our own dance….

Interview with Esta about Ecstatic Dance

Listen to her  DJ sets

DJ Huibert: is our own discovery! This DJ discovered ED and got so excited, that he started to make his own sets. Last year he did his premiere in our temple and it was so good, that we asked him back eversince. His style is like his character: gentle, sensitive and deepening. He takes you on a journey that comes directly from his soul.

Huibert about Ecstatic Dance and what he loves about it:

“In 2019 I discovered Ecstatic Dance. How unbelievably cool is that! I had heard of it a lot before, but thought the name was stupid, haha, so nice and short-sighted…
[read the ED history and watch the explanation of the name by Esta on You Tube, and you will understand why… red.]

Anyway, Ecstatic Dance has given me a whole new dimension to going out. So much so that ‘regular’ going out ended up in a big shadow…

…People generally feel quite ‘free’, which in turn invites others to experience this ‘free’. If you feel like standing on your head, for example, you can do that, nobody will be surprised. How you move or dance, everything is fine as long as you don’t endanger anyone…

Listen to his set 

DJ Jethro: Jethro is a great DJ and already famous in places like Odessa etc. End 2021 he played for the first time @ Temple of Happiness… Our tribe is excited about his dance journeys eversince, because Jethro’s sets feel like a sweet dream, but there is a tiger in the middle that wakes you up…

Listen to his DJ sets

DJ Iccha: (Herman Franssen) played his first set at our dance temple, early 2020. Since then, he has played at many festivals and has been regularly invited back here. Iccha means wish or desire in Sanskrit, and is associated with Iccha-Shakti that is the surrender of your will, your wishes and desires to Shakti, the primordial goddess. As a DJ he supports you in the dance to meet your wishes and desires,so the divine can manifest itself in you.

His sets are powerful, connective with the heart were the light and the dark meet till illusion disappears and you melt into oneness.

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Ro Frequency: (Rocio Cutzarida) : is a new rising star…

With her Shakti energy, at an early age, she had some experience in Buenos Aires and Barcelona at the melodic techno scene and some fresh experience as an ecstatic dance dj in Malta.

Rocío makes music for people to connect with their hearts. Through this connection; movement, dance, expression and exchange, arise. The different sounds and silences speak by themselves, creating “frequencies”. Rocío´s music selection is inspired by a fusion of the elements of nature and ancient sounds combined with groovy digital rhythms in an organic way creating a spontaneous atmosphere, where the frequency of LOVE leads people to a unique “inner experience”; a journey of “RE-CONNECTION WITH THE SOUL”.

When she played in our Temple, we experienced that her set was meditative, connective with the heart, and invites you to melt into oneness.

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Yarun:  is an artist with a unique style within the Ecstatic Dance Community. We already know him from Club Lite, and after that he used to play with us in 2018 and again in November 2021…it was a amazing set, with lots of beautiful heart energy. Although he plays @ Odessa, no worries, Yarun said: I feel it as one tribe, one family! We love that, Yarun!

Being a resident DJ in Amsterdam, he is playing on Ecstatic Dances and Conscious Festivals around the world.
The music he plays is inspired on tribal shamanic sounds from around the world mixed with a large spectrum of electronic music styles. The feeling on the dance floor is spacious and grounding, compelling melodies, strong and earthy beats. Rhythms that make your Body want to dance, your Mind to become silent and your Spirit to expand.
Dance journey’s often with a deep flow and some unexpected twists and turns at times. Dancers often experience a deep ecstatic quality by the experience and the feelings that are being touched, while coming to the surface and being released give space to directly experience a freedom and presence…

Listen here to the DJ sets

And here is his most new set…

DJ Sefrijn: DJ sets by Sefrijn contain music from all over the world, different atmospheres and styles mixed into a smooth dance journey. Immersive African percussion and Tribal House that leaves you stamping on the earth, but also a sensitive ear-pleasing melody, or a playful Klezmer intermezzo. As a DJ he plays at Ecstatic Dance events throughout the Netherlands and beyond. He chooses tracks and transitions in the moment, in attunement with the dance floor. He often dances exuberantly behind the turntables: experiencing, feeling, embodying the music.

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Raïhani: Shaman of Dance, Ecstatic Dance Master, Dance Floor Magician…
Kareem Raïhani has been called many names for the ecstatic journeys he creates world wide on festivals, gatherings, retreats and ceremonies.
The only way to understand what all those dancers feel thru Kareem’s music and dance is to simply experience it!

For more then 20 Years, Kareem Raïhani shares his music throughout Europe and beyond and mixes like no other different styles of dance music into a happening of body shaking rhythms, shamanic vibes, heart opening sounds, spiraling melodies and contagious grooves. His sets are containing many of his own productions and remixes. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth. Respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology.

Kareem’s Dj sets are setting dance floors on fire! He is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance…

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Bravon:

With his love for music and dance, he creates unique musical dance journeys, right in the moment tailor made for this dance floor.

“When I listen to music it’s all about discovering new songs to dance to, across all genres and I just can’t stop recognising potential songs that I want to remix. When I’ve made a new song or remix I just can’t wait to show it to people and I’m so curious how people will dance to it.”

From his point of view Ecstatic Dance is an invitation for transformation, from stress to relaxation, alone to together and from not knowing to inspiration.
He facilitates this journey by mixing music from all wind directions, meditative soft melodies to exciting drums and everything in between.

Behind the DJ booth he likes to dance along. Follow him via: https://www.facebook.com/djbravon/ or www.edmn.nl

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Qatweazle:

DJ QatWeazle always has a surprise in store for you. One time he takes you on a magical journey through Wonderland, the other time you experience a raw absurdist hurdle in which unbridgeable musical worlds follow and embrace each other at a rapid pace.
DJ QatWeazle’s musical journey is one you won’t soon forget. In addition to the rhythmic lifting sounds, he also introduces you to frayed music: you can dance with your own demons and bring them to light again during the dance. When the trip is over, you’ll be home safely. DJ QatWeazle is also an enthusiastic dancer and likes to immerse himself in music during the Ecstatic Dance.

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Socrates:

I specialise in blending different cultural & musical roots into adventurous soundscapes that make for a warm ambiance. Rather than highlighting the contrasts I link the similarities I can hear in the music. Cumbia, Reggae, Bhangra, Celtic Fusion, Organic Electronica, Afro Bass, Tribal Rave.. I find my tracks in many different genres, as long as there is soul in the music and it helps me to tell a story, I will use it’s colour on my palette.

I hope you enjoy the sets as much as I enjoy mixing them and love to hear your feedback!
DJ Socrates

Bookings: info@djsocrates.com

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Martyn Zij:

Martyn is a multiple talented artist and musician. With influences of jazz and his background as an artist he offers you dance journeys in which you ground and melt with your inner source of love.. In the past years he grew towards a superior DJ (with a modest attitude…) He is one of the first DJ’s in Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam (Club Lite) and plays worldwide in lots of festivals.

Listen here to the DJ sets

Ute Passionflower:

Ute is an electric violinist, singer songwriter and composer who holds degrees in clinical psychology, hypnotherapy and energetic healing. As a performer and speaker she merges the fields of music and mind in service of inspiration, healing and empowerment. She has performed on club and event stages throughout the world, from Luis Vuitton to Sensation White and co-composed music for film, TV commercials, theatre and documentaries including the Floriade, C&A Europe, Unicef, Terre Des Hommes, Picnic and Opus One. She appeared as a performer and speaker on TEDx, and is a teacher and publisher on the largest global meditation app Insight Timer.
Contact Ute to:
*Request an inspiring and empowering (online) electric violin concert
*Request a relaxing (online) performance of songs to dive into a warm ocean of harmony
*Place an order for a custom made power song for yourself, your company or your loved one(s)
*invite Ute to give an interactive (online) tuning  or meditation workshop

Listen here to Ute in her wild performance

Listen here to Ute in her meditative moods & meditations

DJ Hansje Happiness:

DJ Hansje Happiness, is a dancer who is often on our dancefloor. She is also a DJ since a few years. She now is ready to come to our Temple for her premiere as DJ for Ecstatic Dance!!! We love it and welcome her!

Hansje about herself:

Since I can remember I have always been a passionate dancer and music-lover and, the step to become a DJ was something I dreamed about. And I knew that the time that I will stand behind the decks, will happen someday. As an active Ecstatic Dancer the last few years my ear for music became more aesthetic and diverse. For me, Ecstatic Dance is a form of making art through movement. My goal is to introduce dancers new beautiful and surprising music to let them paint a fantastic and unexpected piece of art. An art piece where they are proud of and never painted before. I would describe my style as surprising, weird, dreamy, sentient and theatrical and it’s drained with electronic flavors.

Listen here to the DJ

DJ Stefano:

Stefano Richetto did we discover because he cycled through Amsterdam DJ playing a great set on his bike, while inviting people to be happy (during the first lock down)! This was so surprising and it sounded so well, that I called him. After we met he told me he has his own radio show. But he liked Ecstatic Dance and our way of dancing and conecting, so he came here in the beginning of 2021 for the first time. Enjoy this professional who is playing @ our temple again!

Listen here to the DJ

 DJ Pachamama:

This is a primeur for us! DJ Pachamama (Coretta) played already together with DJ Audyo , who is familiar with us here. But she started not so long ago and already has a lot of fans! we are very curious, tot tast , you can here a set from her and Audyo together here..

Listen here to DJ Pachamama

DJ Ramon Richie:

From Groningen and for the first time in our Temple, DJ Ramon Richie will support us with a beautiful journey. His words:

The first notes are enough,
chills already running down my spine.

Altered state of reality setting in…

Carried by the waves I feel.

What is it, this power music has?

Ramon DJ

Als fervent danser, liefhebber van muziek en het leven neemt Ramon je mee op een reis langs vele windstreken, bekend, onbekend en eigen creaties in het moment.

Listen here to Ramon Richie

Zasja Heijligers:

Listen to this great singer/songwriter!

Muziek als Levensweg

Ik zing al sinds mijn 11e. Op straat, in theaters, en in eigen cabaretprogramma’s. Muziek is mijn leven en leven is mijn muziek. Begonnen als straatmuzikant, en op podia sindsmijn 16e, nadat ik een aanbod voor een platencontract weigerde omdat ik geen cover wilde zingen Na intensieve theater en kleinkunstscholing in Nederland en Antwerpen volgde een tijd van doceren, acteren, trainen en coachen van vele groepen, en een jaar rondtrekken in Costa Rica.

Deze reis maakte de kunstenaar en vrouw in mij weer helemaal wakker.

De ervaringen in de jungle en de zee lieten me mijn cabaretprogramma’s “Gnoeluk”, “Snorkelen” en “De zon staat stil” te schrijven, waarmee ik meedeed aan cabaretfestivals.

Maar de muziek voelde als mijn ware pad, en de typetjes verdwenen geleidelijk naar de achtergrond…. Een aantal Spaanstalige songs over natuur en godinnen volgden.

Daarna startte ik vrouwencirkels en trainde groepen in improvisatie en theatermaken, met zelfontwikkeling als doel. Ik werd moeder en ging toch als als actrice werken. Ik bouwde ondertussen Engels Nederlandstalig en Spaans repertoire op. Na een auto ongeluk en 3 stembandoperaties was het eindelijk duidelijk : zingen en geen rol meer spelen was mijn weg.

Ik begon met muziek en paarden te werken, en vrouwengroepen.

En ik ging weer naar Costa Rica. Daar kreeg ik tijdens een meditatie aan zee een schokkend en voorspellend visioen van een godin !- Yemanja, de godin van de zee bleek later- die me waarschuwde……want….
Toen kreeg ik kanker. 

En kroop door het oog van de naald.

Daarna was er voor mij nog maar 1 weg: zingen.

En serieus nemen dat ik gevoelens van anderen kan vertalen naar een lied. 

Music & Talks werd geboren.

Na dood te hebben aangekeken voelde ik meer dan ooit dat het leven zo voorbij kan zijn !

En dan valt alle excuus om jouw unieke bestemming te volgen weg.

Ik breng je bij je hart via mijn songs, training of creatie !

Listen here to Zasja

DJ Samaya is known in Amsterdam and surroundings for his fabulous freestyle Ecstatic Dance sets at Odessa. His rich musical taste contains a wide range of musical styles which he blends and fuses together like a true master magician. He is a deeply dedicated DJ, weaving all kinds of tribal, ethnic, world, shamanic and psychedelic forms of audio acupuncture and is not afraid to throw in lots of other styles such as bass, jazz, drum & bass, funk, soul, breakbeats, dubstep, classical or whatever tricky treats suit the moment.

Apart from being a DJ, he and his partner Baxtak (Outtalectuals Records) have launched the ‘Shivelight’ project for quite a few years now and with incredible succes. Together they managed to draw the attention of ten thousands of listeners and visitors from allover the globe who have noticed their unique Shivelight party concept. A concept which delivers and awesome captivating blend of live musical performances, dj-sets, animation/visuals, art, movement and dance.

Listen here to Samaya

Dj Annika

Ecstatic Dance to Anica is a wonderful tool to come closer to oneself. It allows to discover the power and movement in the body, but also the stillness, both in body and mind, and to explore the many nuances of joy, sadness, and other emotions of the heart. For many years of her life, Anica has travelled, intrigued by what this globalized world is about, to understand different landscapes, the colorfulness of culture, and the reason for so much inequality. The most fascinating to her however is what makes all of us humans equal: the ability to move and to feel… onto the sound of music. Whether that is in a Berlin nightclub, a Ghanaian funeral, a Caribbean beach, the Ethiopian mountains, a Hungarian wedding. During her sets, Anica weaves those influences into colorful sets, that celebrate diversity, and that honor what unites us all: our journey through this world, on the dancefloor, towards ourselves.

Listen to her music: https://soundcloud.com/dj_anica

Listen here to Annika

Dj Shanto

Yes, finally we seduced this great DJ Shanto, who started the first Ecstatic Dance in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam. He is coming  to play at our Dance Temple at our Chitta! Cosmic Heart Dance Party!

Shanto, previous owner of the famous Club Lite in Amsterdam, has been a great inspirator to Mark and Janine to start the Temple of Happiness. Greatful as we still are for all the shared sparkles, initiatives and unique atmosphere, we infused our own place with the vibrations of this great formal club, which had to be closed due to new building projects (we miss it still…)  . And we love Shanto who spread his amazing light and music style around the whole country.

On the dancefloor it is always fun, we danced a lot of great parties with him (like Nataraj), so we expect to blow of the roof with this Master of dance! You cannot miss this, enjoy his Cosmic Heart Dance set during Chitta!

Listen here to Shanto

Ecstatic Dance Band: Source of Freedom!

Dansmeditatie band Source of freedom bestaat uit Abrahim (percusie/gitaar), Paul (piano/percussie), Laurens (gitaar/percussie), Erik (acoustisch/electrisch/basgitaar) en Bahar (dansmeditatie begeleider/dirigent).

Ongeveer 11 jaar geleden speelden we in onze eerste formatie, met nu nog altijd dezelfde intentie. Meditatie en afstemming op het nu en het lege midden. Een uitnodiging om aanwezig te zijn met dat wat er is en er expressie aan te geven. Als we die intentie aan de dansers kunnen overbrengen is het voor wat ons betreft geslaagd.

In de band luisteren wij naar elkaar, de dansers, de stilte, onze instrumenten, het moment en scheppen een soort landschap waarin de dansers mee kunnen gaan ontdekken, spelen en ont-moeten.

Luister en zie meer op hun Facebook pagina

DJ Vanagon and musician (Marco Aartse)

You can describe his style as: Old and new musical styles, innovative, experimental, string themselves together in an ecstatic composition and thus form a colorful clothesline through an imaginative landscape, without preference, purpose or meaning in advance other than an invitation to the dancer to surrender and share blissfull energy.

DJ Vanagon plays his sets at parties and festivals, on the street in Amsterdam or small and intimate at sunset on the beach: always different and surprising. He is also a fantastic guitarplayer!


Diana Jara:

About Diana Jara & the Dance performance & workshop:

A dance for me is more than a dance. It is healing, it is magic, it is telling a story, and changing something in the mind of the dancer and spectator. Both can experience very elevated emotions that are really transforming the person. It all depends on how connected the dancer is, and how opened the spectator is. You will see a story about magic land, about the dance of the Soul.

You will be invited into a dance journey – to try different states, different aspects inside of you. To open your individuality through the dance, to connect and see divine individuality in your dancing partner (partners, we will be changing), to laugh, enjoy the movement, music, moment.

Diana is a feminine dance coach, yoga instructor, leader of feminine power activation ceremonies. Spent the last 2 years in deep spiritual retreat, learning from hereditary Priestesses and Shamans, and meditating on Places of Power. Received initiation to Moon Priestess and to provide Feminine Temple dance. As a close student of Supreme Northern Shaman Aayla, bringing the ancestral feminine knowledge and traditions to modern women.

Loïs Meulebelt:

About Loïs, singer/songwriter & guitar player:

Loïs is an upcoming singer-songwriter who has been crafting their music since the age of 13.
Their music is a journey into the depths of human emotions and the connections we have with the world around us. One of the main themes that Lois explores in their music is the use of Archetypes.
These Archetypes are universal symbols that have been used for centuries to represent different aspects of the human experience.In addition to the use of archetypes, Loïs also explores other spiritual and metaphorical themes that they come across in their journey through life.
With their music they search for a deeper understanding of the emotions and experiences that we all go through.
Their work is characterised by their warm and vulnerable vocal sound, which immediately draws listeners in and creates a sense of intimacy.
Their voice is both soothing and powerful, and it perfectly complements the serene melodies she creates with their guitar.

Listen to Loïs:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3B4Rz7kHCtK3PfCylD0wUM?si=ohnrFr71TaKLOc1RG0UY4g
Website: https://lois-music.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/l0is.music/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

About DJ De Nachtpapegaai

Who am I?
René, DJ De Nachtpapegaai (The Night Parrot) is color in the dark. This rare bird started as house DJ at Odessa Amsterdam, and now flies all over the country to places where people still really dance. The music of De Nachtpapegaai is warm, colorful and meditative – “tantric lovemaking”, according to one dancer. And when there is a need to dance, then there is dance, to rumbling drums, booming beats and electronic rhythms from the deepest depths of the cosmic ocean.

And another thing
In dance I find freedom, connection and stillness. Conscious Dance is for me a beautiful form in which all these things come together – pure pleasure! The dance floor and everything around it is also a meeting place for adventurers and people who seek a deeper connection with the world and with themselves. The fact that I can facilitate this always makes me grateful.

Listen to de Nachtpapegaai: https://www.mixcloud.com/deNachtpapegaai/

About DJ Venus

Venus creates musical journeys to guide you in healing, awakening and liberating. She does this by exposing you to innovative rhythms, melodies, sounds, voices, cultures and transitions. The present is where the past and the future meet in harmony. The dancer embodies this by surrendering to the music. Venus also strongly feels that the Divine Feminine is awakening, so this is also reflected in her selection. Want to know more about Venus?

Check www.franskehuisman.nl

The link to her music is: www.soundcloud.com/xxxvenus


About Mizza Marcel Hendrix:

Mizza Marcel is a guitarplayer and singer. He accompanied singing circles at Healing Garden, OpenUP, Living Village and Happy Spirit Days, among others.

For the singing circle at Chitta cosmic heart dance party, Mizza brings along a collection of Rainbow songs, Osho songs and mantras all about the “heart” theme.

Booking info: mizzahendrix@gmail.com and Facebook

Listen  here to a mantra circle with Mizza


About Annemarie Libbers:

Annemarie is singer, songwriter and songcoach,  mantra artist, musician, transformational coach, film maker, theatre maker and she gives singing lessons in our Broedplaats HW10! She is our neighbour in the corridor of our Temple space.. We met eachother and got enthusiast about music! She used to co-organise the famous Open Up festival (nowadays Rise Up), and she runs the Amsterdam Music school New West, an alternative music school, in which we are also involved. A music school for never- grownups.

Do you want to start the evening with her great energy and sing some delicious Mantra songs? Than you are at the right address to meet Annemarie during this event! Welcome!

Contact Annemarie op Linkedin

Website Annemarie


About Dance Band: Coco Entrelogico!

Coco Entrelogico is a delicious lounging style, ecstatic dance band where we dance on after the sacred cacao !

The band members are:

David Samson (percussion)

Chris (keyboards)

Merle (bas)

Karin (sax, flute)

information & contact with the musicians

Example of Karin on flute and keyboards!



About: Judea

Judea, conservatory trained, has focused as a multilingual and multi-instrumental musician on
enchanting world music with ancient roots and spiritual slant. He plays the acoustic guitar,
indigenous flutes, djembé, shamanic drums, singing bowls and other breathtaking sound portals.
With a voice that heals and inspires us to listen deeply, Judea takes you on a musical journey that
ultimately takes us back to the core of our own inner existence.

Judea on YouTube

Listen to his music here…

About: Mantras for Happiness

Recently something magical happened during the Mantra circle that Annemarie Libbers accompanied at the cacao ceremony during Chitta! A mantra circle of extremely talented singers and musicians spontaneously arose. There was improvisation, self-made songs were played and mantras were sung.
Janine has wanted her “own” band or Mantra circle of the Temple of Happiness for years and now a few people wanted to participate: the time has come! In mid-April, that group made a cautious start with, among other things: Annemarie, Sunny Ellen, Martijn, Lennart, Sam, Janine. We are a brand new group and not everyone can be there at the same his time. The group is also definitely going to grow, so feel welcome to join if you want to practice and help the group develop further.
We call ourselves: Mantras for Happiness! We don’t just sing Mantra, actually it’s Badjans. But also own work and improvisation will be played. On April 22, Janine, Martijn and Annemarie will take the lead. On May 13, Martijn and Janine will bring their own songs.

Information, or if you want to join, email to: centrumvoorhappiness@gmail.com


About: DJ Hazelgurner (from Barceona!)


Im Javier Lorente aka Dj Hazelgurner.

I play Ecstatic Dance on my own place on Barcelona, and I do monthly Holos Festival on the nature. I played since 2012 on different Ecstatic Partys on Netherlands (Nijmegen, Breda, Den Bosch, Zutphen, Utrecht, Maastricht, Venlo, Amsterdam), and on other countries on Europe and America (Guatemala, California).

I’ll back to Netherlands next may for share the music that inspires my Soul. On my sets I connect with Kundalini Energy, to connect all the tribe with global energy field. And we can feel, freedom to move our body without control.

This is my bio:

Electronic dance music lover, and vinyl devourer since the late 80s. Since then he has played in clubs like Razzmatazz, DC10 Barcelona, Concuerda, Syndicate, Row14, Voltech club, among others. He came to share a booth with djs like Alecs Marta, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Mouseup, Kosmos and Len Faki. Since 2012, he has combined his facet as a therapist, and researcher of energy medicine and bioresonance, with his passion for music and his path of spiritual development; where music and dance have always had a special role. Through Ecstatic Dance all its influences converge to create soundscapes that submerge us in an ecstatic trance, and make us melt into the sound richness of a music that combines a taste for the abstract and futuristic, together with the most archaic and rooted. A sound cocktail, where the organic and the digital flow, merge and combine; to create a range of endless textures, where the listener’s mind merges, and becomes one with the pulsing rhythm that awakens our instincts; the emotional melodies that open the heart to sensitivity; and the hypnotic atmospheres that take the mind to a meditative state.

He has participated offering Ecstatic Dance sessions at many festivals such as Spiritual Dance, Jiwapop, Barcelona Burning Bash, Ecstatic Dance Barcelona, Own Spirit, Open Heart and Psyfi, among others. In 2018 he began to expand his sessions to other cities: like Ibiza, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Breda and Berlin, Leuven, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia. He came to travel to America, to play in Guatemala, and the West Coast of the US. He is the creator of the DMT Dance sessions, the Cacao Dance Crew Bcn collective, the Ecstatic Temple 369 sessions in Barcelona, and the Holos Festival.

And this is my Mixcloud profile:

Love, Blessings, Laughts and Music forever!!

About: Lieke Wouters, Geluidstempel


Hallo, ik ben Lieke Wouters. Ik geef Sound yoga; mantra’s (en heartsongs) met elkaar zingen, klanken maken, meditatie. Ik zing en begeleid mezelf op Indiaas Harmonium. Daarnaast ben ik thuis in energetisch werk en ben ik trainer en coach. Ook werk ik regelmatig samen met een gitarist en percussionist (Gerben Zwart en Constance Kerkhof) en dan vormen we met zn drieën een (mantra)band en geven we mantrazang- avonden met elkaar. 

Op 10 juni speel ik voor het eerst bij jullie in de Temple of happiness en ik verheug mij er al op om samen met jullie Mantra’s te zingen tijdens dit prachtige evenement.

Wil je meer over mij weten of mij boeken?

Lieke Wouters, Geluidstempel.


Tobias Bader, born in Berlin and living in Amsterdam, makes accessible vintage pop music in which clear sixties and seventies influences can be heard. He effortlessly switches between different styles of pop music. His characteristic voice and guitar playing ensure that the melodic songs always have a recognizable sound of their own. Tobias collaborates with various musicians such as the Grammy Award winning pianist Brad Mehldau, Robin Berlijn (Fatal Flowers and Kane) and Diederik Nomden (Analogues, Johan) and Ute Passionflower. The poetic and visual lyrics are written by Dick Sinnige with whom Tobias has a long-term collaboration. He will be accompanied by Ute. Tobias has been playing with Ute for a long time and they have written and released an EP together.Tobias Bader and Ute Passionflower write fantastic, imaginative, inspiring, unusual, melodic and catchy songs in various styles, from cosmic country and vintage pop to spiritual disco. Guitar, violin and vocal harmonies combine beautifully in their acoustic Duo or band.
Before Tobias played as guitarist for Ute’s band Passion Flower. Now their paths crossed again, when Tobias asked her to join him as a singer and violinist in his own project. They have started to write songs together after playing together for quite some time.




About DJ Viktor Valjavec

Viktor Valjavec started his musical journey 15 years ago at one of the most musically diverse places in the Netherlands called Woodstock69. Woodstock69 being such a diverse place enabled Viktor to lay a strong foundation working with different genres, crowds&events. Viktor’s style can be described as highly spiritually charged tribal, ethnic, world music flared with dashes of soft gentle angel and farytale like sounds. Gently yet powerfully immersing the listener into a deepened state of awareness through sound and movement. Besides a DJ Viktor plays multiple percussion-&string instruments (conga’s, guitar, n’goni being the focus instruments). In 2016 the amplification of his highest potential upgraded through working with plant medicine, yoga, mantras&other consciousness expanding practises that he integrated into his life&his expression/music.

About DJ

Nowananda (Eyal):

Eyal Matsliah aka @Nowananda is a life-long dancer, musician and DJ who played hundreds of gigs at Ecstatic Dance, parties and festivals in Europe and Koh PhaNgan.

Nowananda weaves popular and underground music from all over the world into music journeys that invoke the mystic, the lover and the animal within us.

Recently he’s excited by African, Brazilian, Afro-Latin and Funky Soulful Groves – Music that features passionate human vocals, organic instruments, hypnotic Riddims and enchanting melodies.

At ecstatic dance he usually also hold the opening/closing circles and the warm up exercises, drawing on 15+ years of experience in related fields.

His moto is “Through dance, love deepens for ourselves, others, and life.”

“Nowananda” means the bliss of the present moment.

Nowananda’s DJ sets for your inspiration:



Netherlands based DJ The O’Berlie is well known for his eclectic mix of music that really touches the heart. His knowledge of an extremely wide range of eccentric styles and his big love for underground tracks, will make sure that no dance journey he will take you on, will ever be the same.

Within a 2 hour set Theo mixes funk with folky tunes, global beats with avantgarde, ambient with experimental jazz and beautiful classical music for moments of stillness.

As a facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen, a dance therapist and a dancer himself, his quirky sets will always reflect the way he feels and therefore contain deep layers.

Layers that will not only connect the dancers within, but also with the DJ; dancing around the floor, to his own tunes to connect with the crowd.

This unique blend of style and character makes Berlie the ‘Gumbo’ of the Ecstatic Dance scene: You never know what he is going to put into it, but it will sure taste delicious’.

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