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Ecstatic Dance

DJ Audyo : We know him already, because he played his Ecstatic Dance sets here several times before! We love to ground ourselves in his style:  Ethno World House. He is an Ecstatic Dance DJ in oa. Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Utrecht, Spain.

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DJ Inphiknight : We strongly recommend this beautiful DJ, who takes you on a original journey, this is Ecstatic Dance beyond… His style: Curator of exceptional beats, grooves and melodies ranging from ambient towards avant-garde techno incorporating ethnic, shamanic and cybernetic styles. He plays Ecstatic Dance e.g. at Odessa Amsterdam, and is DJ in Utrecht .

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DJ Shawnodese: was a welknown name for many years and the Netherlands’ most famous psytrance DJ worldwide. In addition to running his own record label ‘Mind Funk Records’ for 7 years, he has shared his psychedelic magic in nearly 30 countries around the planet with audiences reaching up to 40,000 people, including on the mainstage of Portugal’s renowned Boom Festival.

Nine years ago he discovered Ecstatic Dance, where he has since gone all out on the dance floor (“my prayer temple”). Ecstatic Dance became pure medicine for him and marked a turning point in his life. That’s why he decided to give back to the beautiful Ecstatic Dance community all the love and fun he had experienced on so many Ecstatic Dance dance floors, by playing there himself.

We are proud that he chose our Temple of Happiness for his first Ecstatic Dance set. Our dancers were so enthusiastic that we asked him to come back regularly. In the meantime, he is booked and he will soon be performing again on larger stages in Amsterdam, Groningen and Maastricht.

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Inana: (Janine) played piano in a Big Band for 15 years. Also she wrote and performed her own songs. She found herself lucky to discover Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms Dance already in the year 2000, and played frequently as a DJ and ceremony leader for 9 years in a 5 Rhythms support dancegroup in Leiden. Dance became her passion and she integrated conscious dance in her practice as an Empowerment teacher and Storyteller.

In 2012 she discovered Ecstatic Dance and became a passionate dancer in the ED community in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Together with her partner Mark she started  the Centrum voor Happiness and  became the driving force behind the scenes.

During Covid she started to play ED sets for herself to dance as a spiritual practice, while more and more people joined her. Together with a group of  dancers she founded the Temple of Happiness, an Ecstatic Dance temple based upon non-dual consciousness. Nowadays she is practicing her skills in the Temple. She integrates Storytelling, teaching, music and dance in a joyful practice that support people to free themselves from the oppressive patterns of the mind.

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Esta Polyesta:

Recently someone asked if I know a DJ who plays Esta’s style…. no! She is unique, I wrote him back. Her style is a mix of world music, ethno house, global beat, psytrance, and different vibes to feel good. There is no other DJ and artist like her, with her female power, she puts your both feet on the ground, let your roots grow into the earth, while you are as light as the wind and your heart sparkles…
I can’t explain in words, you have to experience her Ecstatic Dance journeys in your own body… She creates ED tribes and dances all over the world and plays at a lot of festivals on this planet. Her favourite spot is Goa, India..

To give you a glimp of her amazing empowering energy, watch this interview in which she explains Ecstatic Dance. She reconnects us with the ancient meaning of the word Ecstatic that will invite us to discover a different perspective in our own dance….

Interview with Esta about Ecstatic Dance

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DJ Huibert: is our own discovery! This DJ discovered ED and got so excited, that he started to make his own sets. Last year he did his premiere in our temple and it was so good, that we asked him back eversince. His style is like his character: gentle, sensitive and deepening. He takes you on a journey that comes directly from his soul.

Huibert about Ecstatic Dance and what he loves about it:

“In 2019 I discovered Ecstatic Dance. How unbelievably cool is that! I had heard of it a lot before, but thought the name was stupid, haha, so nice and short-sighted…
[read the ED history and watch the explanation of the name by Esta on You Tube, and you will understand why… red.]

Anyway, Ecstatic Dance has given me a whole new dimension to going out. So much so that ‘regular’ going out ended up in a big shadow…

…People generally feel quite ‘free’, which in turn invites others to experience this ‘free’. If you feel like standing on your head, for example, you can do that, nobody will be surprised. How you move or dance, everything is fine as long as you don’t endanger anyone…

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DJ Jethro: We heard a lot about Jethro and in October 2021 he played @ Temple of Happiness… Our tribe was excited to dance with his journeys, because Jethro’s sets feel like a dream catcher, with a tiger in the middle…

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DJ Leela: (Bart Jan Kiers) chose the name Leela because it means the dance of life in Sanskrit. With his style he wants to approach both the lightside and the darkside in life, in a playful way.

Bart Jan also plays Hang (kind of steeldrum, or handpan) .

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DJ Iccha: (Herman Franssen) played his first set at our dance temple, early 2020. Since then, he has played at many festivals and has been regularly invited back here. Iccha means wish or desire in Sanskrit, and is associated with Iccha-Shakti that is the surrender of your will, your wishes and desires to Shakti, the primordial goddess. As a DJ he supports you in the dance to meet your wishes and desires,so the divine can manifest itself in you.

His sets are powerful, connective with the heart were the light and the dark meet till illusion disappears and you melt into oneness.

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DJ Ro Frequency: (Rocio Cutzarida) : is a new rising star…

With her Shakti energy, at an early age, she had some experience in Buenos Aires and Barcelona at the melodic techno scene and some fresh experience as an ecstatic dance dj in Malta.

Rocío makes music for people to connect with their hearts. Through this connection; movement, dance, expression and exchange, arise. The different sounds and silences speak by themselves, creating “frequencies”. Rocío´s music selection is inspired by a fusion of the elements of nature and ancient sounds combined with groovy digital rhythms in an organic way creating a spontaneous atmosphere, where the frequency of LOVE leads people to a unique “inner experience”; a journey of “RE-CONNECTION WITH THE SOUL”.

When she played in our Temple, we experienced that her set was meditative, connective with the heart, and invites you to melt into oneness.

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Yarun:  is an artist with a unique style within the Ecstatic Dance Community. We already know him from Club Lite, and after that he used to play with us in 2018 and again in November 2021…it was a amazing set, with lots of beautiful heart energy. Although he plays @ Odessa, no worries, Yarun said: I feel it as one tribe, one family! We love that, Yarun!

Being a resident DJ in Amsterdam, he is playing on Ecstatic Dances and Conscious Festivals around the world.
The music he plays is inspired on tribal shamanic sounds from around the world mixed with a large spectrum of electronic music styles. The feeling on the dance floor is spacious and grounding, compelling melodies, strong and earthy beats. Rhythms that make your Body want to dance, your Mind to become silent and your Spirit to expand.
Dance journey’s often with a deep flow and some unexpected twists and turns at times. Dancers often experience a deep ecstatic quality by the experience and the feelings that are being touched, while coming to the surface and being released give space to directly experience a freedom and presence…

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Orakel: played an amazing ED set during our New Years Eve ceremony last year, and was our first Temple DJ (besides Inana). He is clearly rooted in psy trance, but his Ecstatic Dances at the Temple were fantastic!!! You immediately hear his experience and he will surely will take you on a journey with his music. Unfortunately he did not yet put his Ecstatic Dance sets on Soundcloud, but nevertheless you can trust he will help you to dance your socks off.


Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Sefrijn: DJ sets by Sefrijn contain music from all over the world, different atmospheres and styles mixed into a smooth dance journey. Immersive African percussion and Tribal House that leaves you stamping on the earth, but also a sensitive ear-pleasing melody, or a playful Klezmer intermezzo. As a DJ he plays at Ecstatic Dance events throughout the Netherlands and beyond. He chooses tracks and transitions in the moment, in attunement with the dance floor. He often dances exuberantly behind the turntables: experiencing, feeling, embodying the music.

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Raïhani: Shaman of Dance, Ecstatic Dance Master, Dance Floor Magician…
Kareem Raïhani has been called many names for the ecstatic journeys he creates world wide on festivals, gatherings, retreats and ceremonies.
The only way to understand what all those dancers feel thru Kareem’s music and dance is to simply experience it!

For more then 20 Years, Kareem Raïhani shares his music throughout Europe and beyond and mixes like no other different styles of dance music into a happening of body shaking rhythms, shamanic vibes, heart opening sounds, spiraling melodies and contagious grooves. His sets are containing many of his own productions and remixes. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth. Respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology.

Kareem’s Dj sets are setting dance floors on fire! He is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance…

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Bravon:

With his love for music and dance, he creates unique musical dance journeys, right in the moment tailor made for this dance floor.

“When I listen to music it’s all about discovering new songs to dance to, across all genres and I just can’t stop recognising potential songs that I want to remix. When I’ve made a new song or remix I just can’t wait to show it to people and I’m so curious how people will dance to it.”

From his point of view Ecstatic Dance is an invitation for transformation, from stress to relaxation, alone to together and from not knowing to inspiration.
He facilitates this journey by mixing music from all wind directions, meditative soft melodies to exciting drums and everything in between.

Behind the DJ booth he likes to dance along. Follow him via: https://www.facebook.com/djbravon/ or www.edmn.nl

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Qatweazle:

DJ QatWeazle always has a surprise in store for you. One time he takes you on a magical journey through Wonderland, the other time you experience a raw absurdist hurdle in which unbridgeable musical worlds follow and embrace each other at a rapid pace.
DJ QatWeazle’s musical journey is one you won’t soon forget. In addition to the rhythmic lifting sounds, he also introduces you to frayed music: you can dance with your own demons and bring them to light again during the dance. When the trip is over, you’ll be home safely. DJ QatWeazle is also an enthusiastic dancer and likes to immerse himself in music during the Ecstatic Dance.

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DJ Socrates:

I specialise in blending different cultural & musical roots into adventurous soundscapes that make for a warm ambiance. Rather than highlighting the contrasts I link the similarities I can hear in the music. Cumbia, Reggae, Bhangra, Celtic Fusion, Organic Electronica, Afro Bass, Tribal Rave.. I find my tracks in many different genres, as long as there is soul in the music and it helps me to tell a story, I will use it’s colour on my palette.

I hope you enjoy the sets as much as I enjoy mixing them and love to hear your feedback!
DJ Socrates

Bookings: info@djsocrates.com

Listen here to the DJ sets

DJ Martyn Zij:

Martyn is a multiple talented artist and musician. With influences of jazz and his background as an artist he offers you dance journeys in which you ground and melt with your inner source of love.. In the past years he grew towards a superior DJ (with a modest attitude…) He is one of the first DJ’s in Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam (Club Lite) and plays worldwide in lots of festivals.

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Ute Passionflower:

Ute is an electric violinist, singer songwriter and composer who holds degrees in clinical psychology, hypnotherapy and energetic healing. As a performer and speaker she merges the fields of music and mind in service of inspiration, healing and empowerment. She has performed on club and event stages throughout the world, from Luis Vuitton to Sensation White and co-composed music for film, TV commercials, theatre and documentaries including the Floriade, C&A Europe, Unicef, Terre Des Hommes, Picnic and Opus One. She appeared as a performer and speaker on TEDx, and is a teacher and publisher on the largest global meditation app Insight Timer.
Contact Ute to:
*Request an inspiring and empowering (online) electric violin concert
*Request a relaxing (online) performance of songs to dive into a warm ocean of harmony
*Place an order for a custom made power song for yourself, your company or your loved one(s)
*invite Ute to give an interactive (online) tuning  or meditation workshop

Listen here to Ute in her wild performance

Listen here to Ute in her meditative moods & meditations

DJ Rhaníma:

DJ Rhaníma (Dirk Lutters) plays in all styles: exciting, soothing, in flowing lines or in rhythmic percussion. He dedicates himself to your unique beautiful dance journey. He offers you two hours of connecting compositions with music in the highest quality. A lot of the music he plays are songs that have been restyled and reproduced by himself into completely new musical experiences that you won’t hear anywhere else! Rhaníma herself says about this:

“Music has always been the common thread in my life. I also danced from an early age. After I picked up dance again around 2016, I developed very quickly. The dance helped me to deal with myself and others differently from a new mindset and attitude to life. I learned to express myself through dance and music. For a few years now I have completely embraced music and dance as my life path and my sets are pure compositions that take people into another world, a wider, loving consciousness, where you come home more into yourself, and can remain completely yourself in sharing with others.

I invite you to listen, feel, and above all dance.”

We already know him from the dance floor in our temple, and we invite you to come and enjoy!

Listen here to the DJ

DJ Hansje Happiness:

DJ Hansje Happiness, is a dancer who is often on our dancefloor. She is also a DJ since a few years. She now is ready to come to our Temple for her premiere as DJ for Ecstatic Dance!!! We love it and welcome her!

Hansje about herself:

Since I can remember I have always been a passionate dancer and music-lover and, the step to become a DJ was something I dreamed about. And I knew that the time that I will stand behind the decks, will happen someday. As an active Ecstatic Dancer the last few years my ear for music became more aesthetic and diverse. For me, Ecstatic Dance is a form of making art through movement. My goal is to introduce dancers new beautiful and surprising music to let them paint a fantastic and unexpected piece of art. An art piece where they are proud of and never painted before. I would describe my style as surprising, weird, dreamy, sentient and theatrical and it’s drained with electronic flavors.

Listen here to the DJ

DJ Kairosity:

DJ Kairosity says: The dance is my greatest teacher. When I dance, I am. The body always knows. I am a musician and a dancer. The world has majestic sounds, one only has to listen. I guide you through journeys beyond the borders of time with the richness of the world. Enchanting melodies from the north and the east meeting deeply grounding global beats. Into kairosity, into the realm of timelessness

Listen here to the DJ

DJ Stefano:

Stefano Richetto did we discover because he cycled through Amsterdam DJ playing a great set on his bike, while inviting people to be happy (during the first lock down)! This was so surprising and it sounded so well, that I called him. After we met he told me he has his own radio show. But he liked Ecstatic Dance and our way of dancing and conecting, so he came here in the beginning of 2021 for the first time. Enjoy this professional who is playing @ our temple again!

Listen here to the DJ

DJ Pachamama:

This is a primeur for us! DJ Pachamama (Coretta) played already together with DJ Audyo , who is familiar with us here. But she started not so long ago and already has a lot of fans! we are very curious, tot tast , you can here a set from her and Audyo together here..

Listen here to the DJ