Ecstatic Dance @ Temple of Happiness

DJ Line up Ecstatic & conscious Dance events..

Ecstatic Dance is every Friday:

This free form barefoot dance begins and ends with a ceremony to connect yourself to the universal field of love. A passionate DJ will intensify your dance experience.

Program & line up May 2022:

6/5: Ecstatic Dance with DJ Shawnodese

13/5: Ecstatic Dance with DJ Inana

20/5: Ecstatic Dance with Esta Polyesta

21/5: Chitta Party: DJ Shawnodese (ED set), DJ Martyn Zij (Cosmic Heart Dance Party), Cacao ceremony & Storytelling, Hot Tub. Program here

27/5: Ecstatic Dance with DJ Samaya

Program Ecstatic Dance on Friday:

19:30 Door open
20:00 Opening ceremony
20:30 Ecstatic Dance with DJ
22:30 Closing Ceremony
22:45 – 23:15 Chilling out with drinks & treats, potluck also welcome


* Fresh ginger tea, mint water, and healthy organic treats included
* Free parking in front of the door (after 19:00 hours)!!
* Massage spontaneously or on donation basis (to the masseur/healer)
* Lounge open by 20 + dancers.
* If you become a member of the Temple of Happiness , you receive discount.


We will organize more parties to dance and connect on coming Saturdays.. keep an eye on the calendar…

Every (3rd or) 4th Saturday: CHITTA – BAREFOOT DANCE PARTY: with Potluck, Cacao Ceremony & Storytelling, Cosmic Heart Dance Party with top DJ’s, Hot Tub and more. Data: see calendar

Every two months: MARIPOSA: a new concept. With heart chakra dance meditation, tantra workshops and mantra during the day and a Chitta party with cosmic heart dance in the night. You may buy a passepartout for both. Data: 18 June , 10 September…

Information about our Cosmic Heart Dance Party (Chitta):

Every 3rd or 4th Saturday in the month, we organize a special Cosmic Heart Dance Party: “Chitta”, which means consciousness of the (cosmic) heart.


18:00 Door open, potluck (bring your own yummy veggie healthy food)
19:30 Cacao ceremony & storytelling
20:00 Cosmic Heart Dance or Ecstatic Dance with top DJ (we will announce on Facebook f it is Ecstatic Dance or Cosmic Heart Dance)
22:30 Cosmic Heart Dance Party with top DJ, lounge room, sound healing temple, hot tub, labyrinth light walk
01:00 Closing

Actual data, performers and DJ’s:

May 21: DJ Shawnodese & DJ Martyn Zij
June 18: DJ Bravon , plus minifestival: Mariposa, program here

About our Chitta barefoot dance party:

We start with a yummy potluck dinner and cacao ceremony with storytelling.
After this, the first Conscious Dance set is played by a well-known DJ.

The dance floor is indoors and will be expanded (in spring/summer) with an outdoor dance area and an illuminated labyrinth, where you can dance with wireless headphones.

After the first set, a second dance set by another DJ starts immediately.

Then we will also open a second room, where you can play with voice/singing bowls or give each other healing. There is also a water temple (hot tub) in the patio and a campfire.

Free tea, water, fruit, snacks.

The evening ends arout 01:00.

Parking is free (from 19:00) and there is enough space at the door.

History of Ecstatic Dance

Dance as meditation (Sadhana):

Ecstatic Dance is not dancing like you are used to at parties. Over the centuries, dance has proven to be a very effective and transformative form of meditation, just like the dance of the Sufi dancers. Also the Tandava, a very slow and conscious dance which originated from the ancient history of India.
Even the term Ecstatic Dance has been mentioned in ancient Tantric texts.

The modern variant of Ecstatic dance has been developed by Gabrielle Roth, at the end of the last century. It originates from 5 rhythm dance. Gabrielle noticed that words and therapy cannot bring what this non-verbal dance can: wholeness with yourself and reconnection with the spiritual being you are. Because she wanted that this dance would stay accessible to everyone, there is no trademark attached to it.

Ecstatic Dance has subsequently spread all over the world, partly because it became such a success in Hawaii, by Max Fathom, who started mixing music influences from the Burning Man festivals, with those of the conscious dance scene in the beginning of this century. With his innovation, he gave an impulse to all conscious dance and Ecstatic Dance became known all over the world. 

Before there was religion, we were all dancers (Esta Polyesta)

If you want an great explanation of Ecstatic Dance, please watch this interview with Esta Polyesta, one of our DJ’s, who plays here in the Temple!


About Ecstatic Dance @ Temple of Happiness

Ecstatic Dance is a free, improvised and concept less dance. You observe, make contact and express your feelings and impulses. The music supports this and brings you into different atmospheres, making it easier for you to get in touch with your emotions and feelings. The DJs play spiritual, meditative music, world music, but also playful and popular songs.

What does an Ecstatic Dance look like in our beautiful place?

The dance starts with a short opening ceremony. In the ceremony you make contact with the physical space, yourself, your intention, the loving field and each other. The ceremony forms a bridge between the world of words and the world of dance. We align breath and movement and descend inward.

A ceremony leader conducts the opening and closing ceremonies and accompanies the group. There are also space holders, so you can dance in a safe, pleasant atmosphere.

The Ecstatic Dance set lasts 2 to 2.5 hours and is concluded with a short closing ceremony.

You do not need any experience or dance lessons to participate. There are no passes. You dance your own spontaneous dance, which arises in the moment itself. It’s a meditation. To get in touch more deeply with our feelings and ourselves, we don’t talk during the dance, we don’t drink alcohol and we dance on bare feet. In between we drink tea, water and there is fresh fruit.

Contact with others in the dance usually arises spontaneously and you are not “attached” to anyone. You examine what is good for you in the moment, without being “polite”. A gesture (Namasté) of clasped hands in front of your heart means that you want to be in your personal space.
In between songs you can rest on mattresses. Often there is a lovely big hammock to dance in the air!

Experiences people get through Ecstatic Dance are:
Feelings of being clean and recharged…
A sense of sovereignty, beging “present” again…
The body becomes more sensitive…
A sense of meditative ecstasy, surrender to the being in yourself…
Relief by releasing feelings of anger, sadness, joy and other feelings…
Feelings of love and being complete…
Contact with the higher self or the energy that protects, nourishes and guides…


Guidelines Ecstatic Dance:

The conscious dance scene has set up a few guidelines that are respected everywhere in the world, including us:

1. We dance without shoes (or: we dance barefoot).
This allows us to connect more fully to the ground (socks are OK).
If you’re in a physical condition that requires dancing shoes, that’s okay.

2. We dance without words.
This makes it easier to be in a meditative state.
No verbal instructions from the supervisors (there is only a warming up).
No talking from the dancers.

3. We dance as we are.
No drugs/alcohol, no phones, no camera/video, no smells, no expectations, no judgments, no shoulds, no thoughts…   Just be yourself; With respect for ourselves, the space and each other.


Ecstatic Dance is a community… join!

Of course you can just buy a ticket and come by to see if you like it with us. But there’s more..
Ecstatic Dance has become such a success because it connects, it’s a community worldwide!
In Amsterdam we also enjoy that tribe feeling in our center. That’s why we’ve turned it into a temple that you can join!

Become a member of our temple:

You can support our conscious community, the Temple of Happiness, by donating  € 10  or more. You become a member by donating via Chipta, link see below.

Members enjoy benefits such as discounts on Ecstatic Dance activities. We want to stimulate with the community that we exchange more and support each other in this time.

Membership see event in Chipta: Ticketlink

Become a volunteer!

Furthermore, many shoulders also make light work, so if you like to contribute/bring something, you are very welcome! If you want to be a volunteer @ our Temple, please send your request Wednesdaynight (before the event) at the latest to Natascha (, before you buy a volunteer ticket. We plan on beforehand.


Entry/Covid rules + Contact by WhatsApp/Signal

Update Entry rules Ecstatic Dance @ Temple of Happiness:

Due to the special relationship between government and religion, people who gather because of their belief are not subject to a proof of being tested or vaccinated, of course we recommend that you take responsibility to protect yourself and others against dangerous plagues. See Dutch text here.

At our dance we take the following measures to live happy together and prevent the impact of such plagues as much as we can:

1. Spread love, light and happiness to yourself and the people around, this can also be virtual, because we are energy.
2. Take care of your beautiful body, the temple of your inner god(dess). We wish for you to rest enough, avoid stress, move enough, breath enough, stretch your limbs, don’t drink alcohol or smoke too much to stay healthy. Take e.g. a massage to let go the poison stuff out of your body and eat/drink healthy.
3. Meditate and practice yoga, breathing exercises, mantra, sound healing, dance movements, outside walks, swimming/cold water showers or do whatever you need to boost your immune system, in order to avoid/remove the poison of negative thoughts, anger and fear in your system.
4. Support each other to think and act healthy and balanced. We don’t spread or enhance fear and negative ideas in the temple (or outside). We help each other to avoid or stop projections or  negative thoughts about others, because what we think is our common energy and we want to keep this beautiful temple “clean”. You can ask us for help and tips if you do not feel in balance. During our programs there is often a healing temple space available where members of the temple can offer their healing or massage skills to each other spontaneously or as a service. Life is meant to live joyfully in bliss, no matter what the circumstances are.
5. Do not enter (or come to the organization immediately if you are already there)  if you do not feel healthy, if your immune system is weak or you feel not safe or stable, please contact us if you have questions/doubts. If you cancel because of this, we will refund your ticket, or you can use it later,  no problem. 
6. Become a member or our temple, a safe community, where we meditate by the wisdom of our body (like moving in ecstatic dance) and through our “chitta” (the unsullied light of our free minds). The commitment is also much stronger and we take responsibility for each other. Even if you cannot spend much money,  you are welcome to meditate and practice your believe, as a member you may donate what you can afford.
7. We ventilate the room very well: every 7 minutes, the air is refreshed, even if the windows and door are closed. But we keep the door open and the windows also, as long as possible. The airstream is designed especially to prevent diseases, by a professional.
8. We will provide headphones, so you can dance outside in our (covered) patio or in the labyrinth (silent disco), see our specials.
9. Disposal masks, alcohol gel, and quick tests are available.
10. Between lessons/meditations we ventilate the temple  intensively.
11. We follow the Covid guidelines for people/m2  in the building.
12. We are not a public building/area, so in accordance with current measures, the corona app is not obligated. You do not have to wear a mask in the building.

Contact by WhatsApp/Signal

There is a WhatsApp group and a Signal group, in which we pass on changes and relevant news about Ecstatic Dance.

Due to Covid, we cannot always guarantee that something will continue. If you want to be in there, send an email or a text message with your request to:

Janine: 06 137 954 37

You can also contact Janine if you have any questions about the Temple, the Centrum voor Happiness or if you would like to help.

In addition to these social media, we also send a newsletter from the Center of Happiness itself. You can register  below.

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Ecstatic Dance
Centrum voor Happiness, Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10,Amsterdam,Noord Holland-1065 AS
Begin tijd
3 september 2021
Eind tijd
31 december 2022
Ecstatic Dance is een heerlijke dans meditatie zonder vorm, die je levenslust geeft en stress en angst opruimt. Kom uit je hoofd in je lijf! Wekelijks op vrijdagavond @ the Temple of Happiness, gelegen in het Centrum voor Happiness in Amsterdam Nieuw West. Incl. hapjes & drankjes, gratis parkeren.
Offer Price
EUR 18 - 25